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From: Michelle Dumas, Thursday the 4th of June 2020

Dear Motivated Job Seeker,

Does it seem like you have been job searching forever?

Are you beginning to wonder if there will ever be a successful end to your current job search?

Are you ready to move forward in your career but feel stuck because you aren’t quite sure what to do first?

Do you find yourself procrastinating in even launching your job search because you dread the time-consuming work it will take and the feelings of frustration and rejection that are certain to come with it?

How would things be different for you if you had a simple-to-follow, step-by-step guide to job searching that was guaranteed to...

  • Shorten your job search and land you the job you want in dramatically less time,
  • Open the right doors and win the positive attention of hiring authorities,
  • Help you outshine and out-compete even your fiercest rivals in the job market,
  • Give you confidence in promoting yourself and your true value in the workplace, and
  • Position you to command a higher salary and get paid what you are worth,

…so that you can end the frustration, eliminate the stress, and turn the time-consuming struggle into fast and easy job search SUCCESS?

I understand completely! With nearly two decades of experience working with many thousands of job hunters I have heard the stories of frustration and anguish over and over again!

If you are like most people, you find job searching stressful! Conducting a job search is simply no fun and it can be pure anguish when the days turn into weeks and the weeks turn into months, and still you seem no closer to landing the job you want!

And, of course, as time passes and the job offers still don’t come, the financial pressure begins to mount. It is at this point that many people begin to feel desperate, alone, and very afraid.

Conducting a fast, successful, and stress-free job search is much easier than you may think!

I knew there had to be a better way! Every year in my business, I come into contact with thousands and thousands of job hunters. I wanted to help them – to take away that stress and to give them an easy, proven system that would dramatically shorten their time in the job search and let them get back to work faster in jobs that were more personally, professionally, and financially rewarding.

So, over the past 17 years, I have made it my mission to learn everything I could about job searching and career marketing. I’ve poured over articles, books, and websites, I’ve attended numerous seminars and conferences, I’ve completed many training and certification programs, and I’ve “test-driven” various job search tools and products.

But still, I never quite found the step-by-step integrated system I was looking for. One that would take my clients from start to finish, smoothly and successfully guiding them through the entire job search process.

That is why I created “Secrets of a Successful Job Search: 7 Simple Steps to Land the Job You Want in Half the Time.”

To share with you EVERYTHING I have learned about job searching and career marketing over the past decade-plus. But more importantly, to do so in a simple, stress-free, step-by-step system that will guide you quickly, smoothly, and successfully through each phase of your job search – from the initial step of setting your job target to the final steps of negotiating multiple job offers and landing the job you want.

"Michelle Dumas and Distinctive Documents added rocket fuel to my career trajectory. This new program is packed with powerful strategies, success stories, examples, and real-world exercises that job seekers can put into immediate use. Follow the step-by-step program and you may quickly find yourself choosing from multiple job offers!"
Jeff O'Connell New York Times Best-selling Co-author, LL Cool J's Platinum Workout and Former Editor-in-Chief, Muscle & Fitness magazine
  • A simple, effortless way to regain control of your career and set and define an immediate job target and long-term career vision that will guide your career now and into the future.
  • The keys to making sure you stay on track, to prioritizing and focusing your search, to identifying and locating the people you need to  network with, and to pinpointing the companies you should target.
  • The 4 crucial questions that you must answer to identify and clearly define a job target and identify companies whose culture, people, and values are most closely aligned to yours.
  • Real-life examples and professional secrets to making a name for yourself as a leader in your field -- changing the job search dynamics so that youbecome HUNTED rather than being the HUNTER.
  • The 3 most important things that you MUST know to finally distinguish yourself from your peers, to pull ahead of the pack, and to position yourself for both IMMEDIATE and LONG-TERM career success.
  • An easy-to-implement insider technique to gain competitive advantage by clarifying and communicating what makes you and your unique value proposition different and special in the workplace.
  • A step-by-step, straight-to-the-point formula that will walk you through how to create your own Personal Brand Statement to serve as the foundation and the cornerstone of your successful job search.
  • The top 5 job search approaches with a new twist that makes it simple and easy to sort through your options, prioritize them by effectiveness, and develop a highly effective, job-winning multi-pronged job search strategy and plan.
  • A gold mine of 84 time-tested and cutting-edge job search techniques organized in an exclusive, simple-to-follow way that will keep you focused on the highest return activities.
  • Expert secrets revealed in a blueprint that helps you each step of the way in setting your job search goals and creating a job search campaign plan that will keep you moving forward, motivated, and successful.
  • Timeless information, proven strategies, and fresh approaches that are guaranteed to jumpstart your job search and have you accessing the hidden job market (did you know that 80% of jobs are never even advertised?!) within hours.
  • How to get and stay organized throughout the 4 key phases of your job search, establishing your job search headquarters and putting an easy-to-use 9-component system into place to speed you efficiently through each phase of the job search.
  • 2 essential steps you MUST take to keep your job search private and avoid mixing your personal business with the business of your current employer.
  • Multiple checklists and clearly explained exercises that will show you exactly how to eliminate the habits that are holding you back so that you can move forward confidently in your job search and throughout your career.
  • Why your follow-up system may be one of the most important things you do in your job search and tips to help you set up a simple and easy-to-maintain tracking system that will enable you to easily and efficiently stay on top of the 7 most crucial areas of your search needing follow up.
  • The closely guarded professional secrets to transforming your resume into a powerful and effective personal marketing document that positions you above the competition and clearly and concisely conveys your true value in the workplace.
  • Everything that you need to know about all of the traditional and the cutting-edge trends in the development of your career marketing portfolio: how to choose between the 3 major resume formats, a 15-point checklist to ensure your resume is top-notch, a 9-point checklist to evaluate your cover letter effectiveness, and much, much more. I hold nothing back!
  • A behind-the-scenes look at all the differences and uses for all of the pieces of your career marketing portfolio: resumes, cover letters, biographies, networking resumes, achievement profiles, references dossiers, and more.
  • Secrets and tricks used by the professionals to ensure that your resume will get noticed in the stacks and generate amazing results in your job search (everything you need to know to create a resume that will get your phone ringing!)
  • Step-by-step, simple-to-follow instructions that show you exactly how to easily identify your most valuable achievements (even if you have had trouble with this crucial step in the past and think you don't have any to share!) and then how to reconstruct them into concise success stories complete with the challenge faced, the actions you took, and the result.
  • Tips for adopting a "failure is not an option" attitude and a clear explanation of the 1 major thing you must do and the 8 questions you must ask on a regular basis to keep yourself motivated and accountable -- maintaining your momentum until you achieve the ultimate success.
  • The 5 things that you need to know about the interviewer's goals so that you can shine and feel confident in interviews, and dozens of tips to help you engage in a conversation and paint a picture in the mind of the interviewer that will leave no doubt that YOU are the perfect candidate to meet their needs and solve their problems.
  • An ingenious, fresh approach and easy-to-follow techniques to quickly and efficiently prepare for almost any question you might be asked in an interviews, along with straightforward tips to effectively turn an understanding of the interviewers' motivation to your advantage.
  • Dozens and dozens of other bonus tips and secrets to help you negotiate a higher salary, to handle a request for references professionally, to create the various formats of resumes you might need (including all the formats that you MUST HAVE for an Internet job search), and to use email effectively in your search.
  • And bonus sample resumes and cover letters clearly illustrated and diagrammed to explain the powerful tips and tricks included to ensure your resume conveys your personal brand and establishes competitive advantage in the job market.
  • Immediate online access to all the audio and files that make up the Secrets of a Successful Job Search program (downloadable audio, workbook, transcript, tips, exercises, worksheets, and bonuses). Additional links to important websites and online resources regularly updated by Michelle.
  • Nearly 3 hours of professionally recorded audio covering each of the 7 steps that will land you the job YOU want in half the time! The audio portion of the program is recorded in a conversational style that will make you feel like you are right here with me, asking all of the burning questions you have!
  • Beautifully designed companion workbook with over 110 pages of valuable information detailing my powerful system and designed to make it easy for you to follow along and to put the information to work for your benefit NOW! You can read this online, save it to your hard drive to read later, or print it to have at your fingertips at all times.
  • Full written, word-for-word transcript of the nearly 3 hours of interviews in which I reveal over a decade of experience and all of the secrets and tips that I know to make your job search fast and wildly successful. Again, you can read this online, save it to your hard drive to read later, or print it to have at your fingertips at all times.
  • Dozens and dozens of bonus tips, exercises, worksheets, templates, and sample resumes and cover letters to ensure that you can put this information into action IMMEDIATELY!
  • My personal GUARANTEE that your purchase is 100% risk free. If you don't agree that by the end of this audio program you do not know the 7 simple steps that you need to follow to conduct a fast, successful job search, simply tell me, return the program, and I will refund your purchase out of my own pocket. Guaranteed!